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We sell various Bujinkan Bukeyashiki Dojo merchandise and other Budo Taijutsu related items. While it's important to note that none of the items here are required for our classes, we'd like to note it can't hurt to have a t-shirt or two to show off the dojo to your friends :)

Please consider we do not ship items. For instance, when you order a student uniform, it must be picked up at the dojo.

Student Uniforms

Uniforms (Gi) come in light weight (7.5oz), medium weight (9oz) and heavy weight (12oz). The heavier the uniform the thicker the fabric. We recommend and sell a light weight uniform as it's best for all year-round use, but if you'd prefer a different weight, please contact us and we'll be happy to fulfill your request.

Brand: Rhingo
Color: Black
Weight: Light Weight 7.5oz
Material: 55% Cotton/45% Polyester
Contains: Each set contains a jacket, pants and a white belt. The uniform has an elastic and drawstring waistband.

Martial Arts Uniform Gi

Sizing Chart
Size 0 4'- 2 80 lbs
Size 1 4'- 6 100 lbs
Size 2 4'- 9 120 lbs
Size 3 5'- 2 140 lbs
Size 4 5'- 5 160 lbs
Size 5 5'- 7 177 lbs
Size 6 5'- 9 194 lbs
Size 7 6'- 1 210 lbs
Size 8 6'- 8 260 lbs

Uniform (Gi) Prices

***We do NOT ship any uniforms***

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Dojo T-Shirts

Getting your hands on a Bujinkan Bukeyashiki Dojo t-shirt is the best way to show dojo pride and let's not forget how cool you'll look. We have a wide selection of sizes sure to meet everyone's needs, but if a color or size is not listed here and you want it, please contact us.

Bujinkan Bukeyashiki Dojo T-shirt

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